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Brassbanned live streams brass bands

Do you like brass bands?
Brassbanned will be live streaming the NSW State Band Championships, August 30 & 31!

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Brassbanned will be providing you with more amazing brass band live streams for you in August!

The awe-inspiring stream-team from Brassbanned will be trying to outdo themselves, trying to up the ante and increasing the already phenomenal content of their brass band live broadcasts. The NSW State Band Championships hosted by the NSW Bands Association will be live streamed August 30 and 31!

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In consultation with very professional volunteers from the NSW Bands Association, we have been able to negotiate live streaming of the 2014 NSW State Championships. This contest will actually involve over 50 bands, across both Concert and Brass bands – Junior and Open Grades. Although the internet connection at the venue isn’t great, we are still confident of being able to broadcast in excellent quality.

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