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Brassbanned live streams brass bands

Do you like brass bands?
Brassbanned live streams brass and concert band competitions and concerts.!

How to Prepare What does this mean?

Brassbanned is doing another exceptional live stream of a brass band contest… This time, the dream-stream-team is off to South Australia to cover the SA Band Championships

The awe-inspiring stream-team from Brassbanned will be trying to outdo themselves, trying to up the ante and increasing the already phenomenal content of their brass band live broadcasts. The SA State Band Championships hosted by the SA Bands Association will be live streamed September 20 and 21!

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Picture this, loyal viewers… The idyllic scenery and gorgeous landscape of Hahndorf – the jewel of the Adelaide Hills and one of South Australia’s most popular towns. Sounds awesome, right? Sure does! Except… We are expecting to find limited internet connections – with only the barest smattering of 4G. So, please be crossing everything you have that we get enough bandwidth to send you some good looking (and sounding) live streams!

There are many venues being used over the weekend. The stream-team will be going between them to bring you the best streams we can – determined both by what internet is available at each venue, and the performances being held!

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