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Victorian State Championships

Hey Loyal Viewers,

It’s happening. The very lean version of the impressive Brassbanned Stream Team has finished bumping into the stunning surrounds of Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat. We have cameras (3), microphones (5), and even a feed from the PA! What could possibly go wrong?

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Upcoming Live Streams

This is what Brassbanned has in store for you...

  • Victorian State Band Championships: August 15&16

    Victorian State Band Championships: August 15&16

    Hear the golden sounds from bands contesting the VBL's state championships. Last year we broadcast from a 4G connection, this year they've promised to install the NBN - especially for you, loyal viewers!

    August 15&16, 2015

  • NSW State Band Championships: August 22&23

    NSW State Band Championships: August 22&23

    It's happening! Brassbanned will be heading to the NSW State Band Championships. We stream over mobile networks from the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre... and we are looking forward to hearing all the bands play!

    August 22&23, 2015

  • SA State Band Championships: August 29&30

    SA State Band Championships: August 29&30

    Brassbanned is off to South Australia - heading to Gawler to complete an epic month of streaming. Gawler is the location for the 2016 Australian Nationals, so make sure you tune into the stream to get a feel for the venues and acoustics!

    August 19&20, 2015

  • NZCBA Festival: September 18&19

    NZCBA Festival: September 18&19

    Concert Bands?

    Yep, Concert Bands. Brassbanned had such a good time in Rotorua streaming the NZ Brass Band Championships, a small version of the stream team will be heading back at the invitation of the NZ Concert Band Association to live stream their annual festival. Should be great!

    September 18&19, 2015

  • International Horn Society

    International Horn Society

    Brassbanned is of to LA to help live broadcast Masterclasses, Interviews and sessions from the upcoming International Horn Society conference. We'll be 'doing Hollywood' from August 1-8, 2015.

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