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Live Brass Band Streams!

LIVE NOW: Junior Concert Bands

Brassbanned will be bringing you high definition, high fidelity and sensational live broadcasts of the upcoming Australia National Band Championships…Starting Thursday April 17!

Amazing Interviews

Must-see interviews

Brassbanned will also bring you pre-interviews with key people within the brass band world – and try to explain how and why brass band competitions work for the uninitiated!

Brassbanned live streams brass bands
live streaming australian nationals
brass band live streams

Get excited, the Brassbanned team will once more be bringing you incredibly quality live streams of the Australian National Band Championships

How to Prepare What does this mean?

Some of this year's Lineup

  • Panel Style

    Footscray Yarraville

    City Band

    Will FYCB have
    what it takes to
    rise to the occasion?

  • Parallax

    Sth Brisbane

    Federal Band

    Feds with a
    home ground

  • Slideset


    Concert Brass

    Can Glenorchy
    cause an upset?
    (yes they can)
  • Image Sources

    St Mary's

    District Band

    Don't just look
    at Ben's bottom.
    St Mary's - podium finish?

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