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Brassbanned live streams brass bands
live streaming brass band competitions

Do you like brass bands?
Brassbanned live streams brass and concert band competitions and concerts.!

Mt Gamber - LIVE NOW! How to Prepare What does this mean?

Brassbanned is all about brass band live streams… not forgetting out wind band friends. We go around the world to bring the very best live competitions, concerts, masterclasses and other brass related events live to you – in the comfort of your own home.

We are also expanding our service out to include DVD production and recording distribution from the events we cover – although the legalities surrounding copyright mean that this can sometimes be a slow process. Don’t worry, loyal viewers, we are working on it for you!

Keep an eye on the site for updates about the latest brass band live streams that will be broadcast to you – completely with witty commentary – in glorious H.D.

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