Pre-Nationals Interview: Kew Band Melbourne


Hi Loyal Viewers,

As promised, I’ve started to publish some of the interviews I’ve had a chance to make so far. Unfortunately I won’t have a chance to get around to all the bands – although I’m doing my best to speak with representatives of all the Victorian Bands. I’m driving up to Brisbane next Monday / Tuesday, so if anyone on the east coast feels like an interview, please send me an email to [email protected] and we’ll try to set something up.

Also, please make sure you’re keeping an eye on the Brassbanned Facebook Page – I’ll be posting lots of updates there in the lead-up to and throughout the competition. I’ve even made a Facebook Event for the live broadcast – make sure you like the Page, Join the Event, and invite any and all of your friends and family who would enjoy watching the live broadcast.

I caught up with John Conway from Kew Band Melbourne last week – he agreed to a quick interview, and we talked about how the band is preparing, what their Own Choice work is, as well as the ambitious plans for a street march win!