Perth: Landed


Hi Loyal Viewers,

Team Brassbanned has landed in Perth, and are currently acclimatising ourselves and trying to regain inner zen after shifting through 3 hours of timezone changes.

We’re getting set to meet up with some of the organising committee tomorrow, to look through both Winthrop Hall and Callaway Auditorium – from where we will be streaming pretty much everything that happens. After some preliminary testing, it also looks like the Live Stream of the Street March will definitely be good to go.

As advertised, the A/B Grade Live Streams will be available on iPads/Androids/iPhones/maybe-even-blackberries-not-that-anyone-really-uses-blackberries. This year I will be streaming the top grades at around 950 kbps. This means to make sure you can watch smoothly, you should check that you have a quick enough download speed. You can do this by visiting As long as you’ve got something faster than 1 Mbps download, you’ll be good to go.

In an exciting last minute development, I think I’ll also be streaming the C/D grades in an iPhone/iPad/almost-Android friendly format. If you plan on watching these streams, you should also do a speedtest to make sure you’ve got at least 1Mbps of download speeds.

Pretty cool, right?