New studio!


That’s right – Brassbanned have sorted out their own studios!

Due to popular demand, Brassbanned will soon be broadcasting its own regular live streamed panel discussion show, live from 5stream studios in Brunswick

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, along comes Brassbanned. 2016 promises to be a big year in many ways… more competitions, more concerts, more masterclasses, more interviews, more Horn Hangouts – and more videos!

Brassbanned has secured some in-demand air time from 5stream’s state of the art studio (featuring double redundant NBN connections, microwave network connection and bonded 4G), to live stream some regular show discussing what is going on in bands throughout Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else as well.

„I used to feel like my life had no purpose. Now thanks to Brassbanned (and regular exercise) I’m successful, focused and better looking!“

– Anonymous contributor –

We are still not sure exactly when the show will be going live. So, make sure you’ve signed up to our mailing list in order to keep up to date! After the shows are streamed live, they’ll be archived on YouTube. No need to change your bands’ rehearsal night in order to catch the latest breaking news.

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