International Staff Band: LIVE STREAM


Brassbanned is excited to be live streaming the International Staff Band and Melbourne Staff Band on October 31st, at 7pm (GMT + 11).

That’s right, Loyal Viewers, the stream-team from Brassbanned will be bringing you this sensational concert (that celebrates 125 years of the Melbourne Staff Band) LIVE and in High Definition… free!

WATCH SOON: ISB and MSB Live in Concert!

The International Staff Band, based in London, UK is The Salvation Army’s premier brass band and has a distinguished history that spans over 120 years. It regularly performs in some of London’s prestigious locations including The Royal Albert Hall and Westminster Abbey, and has performed for the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.

Since its formation in 1890, the Melbourne Staff Band has been at the forefront of Salvation Army music making in Australia and beyond. It has distinguished itself in performances in every state of Australia and at many overseas venues. Each year the Melbourne Staff Band visits local Salvation Army centres and churches, and travels to rural centres and other Australian states. It has been an honour for the Melbourne Staff Band to be invited to represent Australia at a number of international Salvation Army events. This has involved extensive concert tours of New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Even if you’re a regular Brassbanned Loyal viewer – you will be gobsmacked by the quality of this production!

The globally acclaimed Brassbanned stream-team regularly delivers brass band (and wind band) concerts and competitions in stunning high definition. For this very special event – and in a world first – we will be bringing you live coverage from 7 different camera angles with high fidelity audio. Brace yourselves.

To prepare yourself for this world-first online event, make sure you have your TV hooked up to the internet (maybe via your laptop and an HDMI cable, or via Google Chromecast). You’ll really want a big screen and big speakers to fully enjoy this spectacular concert live stream!

If you have any questions about how to view or access this event, email us!