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Melbourne, Australia
Sunday, December 8, 2019


Full band draws for Saturday can be found on the relevant 'Watch Now' pages Current time in New Zealand:

Chris Lee – Brassbanned on the Run

In the lead up to the Australian National Band Championships, Brassbanned is grabbing interviews with as many community bands and musicians as...
Brisbane City Hall

2019 Australian Band Championships

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66eJRs2aSB8 Brassbanned is proud to present out of this world live streaming of the 2019 Australian Band...

SOLOS – Australian Nationals 2019

We are only streaming solos from the Ian Hanger Recital Hall. Program below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66eJRs2aSB8

Brassbanned on the Run – with Ken Wellard, Eaglehawk Citizens’ Band.

The fun continues as Brassbanned travels to Eaglehawk to learn more about one of Australia's oldest brass bands.

Katrina Bird – Brassbanned on the Run

Brassbanned continues the epic road trip from Melbourne to Brisbane (with detours). This time, we were able to speak with...

Broden Ford – Brassbanned on the Run

Brassbanned is in the lead up to the world's most watched band competition - the Australian National Band Championships!

Jared McCunnie – Brassbanned on the Run

Brassbanned is embarking upon an epic roadtrip from Melbourne to Brisbane. We taking a truckload of live-stream magic in order to broadcast...
Mount Gambier Christmas Parade

WATCH NOW: Mount Gambier Christmas Parade & Bands Festival

Watch live streaming of the Mount Gambier Christmas Parade & Bands Festival - in crystal clear HD! We will be live with band events from...
Townsville Brass at the 2018 Australian Nationals

WATCH NOW: QLD Band Championships

Watch the live stream of the Queensland Band Championships - free in high definition! We will be live with all on-stage events on Saturday 29th...
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