So, you think Brassbanned is really great and you’d love to support us?

Sometimes we sell HD access to some of our live streams. But you have to agree, the very low and accessible prices we charge often reflect usually don’t reflect the amazing quality we deliver. We charge low prices to try and encourage people who don’t (yet) love brass bands to watch and get involved. If you already love brass bands and would like to support us further (and help get us to Europe to cover the European Brass Band Championships next week!) please consider a donation via PayPal. While we love your support, please remember we are not a registered charity

The Brassbanned team is usually unpaid, donating and volunteering our time. We work with organisaing committees, contest administrators and concert promoters to live stream events and hopefully not be too out of pocket. We also try to sell some fun merchandise to help cover our costs – and sometimes even sell ‘Pay Per View’ access to live streams.

All money that is made by Brassbanned is re-invested back into the company. We would love to one day get across to the UK and Europe to cover some big competitions – if we can raise enough money, we might even be able to get there under our own steam.

If you would like to financially support Brassbanned, here is what you can do…

  • Get in contact with us about buying advertising for one of our upcoming live streams.
  • Purchase HD access to one of our paid streams

If you would like to support Brassbanned generally, here is what you can do…

  • Write to your local band organisation to tell them how great we are.
  • Get in contact with us about streaming your band competition or event.
  • Like our Facebook page.
  • Bring us coffee or other beverages

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  • August: NZ Concert Band Festival
  • August: Victorian State Band Championships*
  • August: NSW State Band Championships