Streaming Updates

No more sleeps! It’s here! It’s time for the Australian National Band Championships!

We have worked away feverishly making sure everything will be great for the stream. Especially for you, Loyal Viewer…

Here are a few updates

  • We are bumped in for Halls 1 and 2. Fast internet, interesting camera angles and great audio. You’re all in for a treat.
  • We will also be live streaming the Parade of Bands and ANZAC ceremony on the Saturday morning. If it rains, this will be tricky. Luckily we have our amazing multi use towels to dry ourselves off with.
  • We’ll be conducting interviews and vox pops over the course of the competition. Feel free to come and say hello and we’ll try to get your voice out live on the internet
  • We will be streaming the Hall 3 action as well (Saturday afternoon only). This will be Junior Brass and D Grade Concert bands. I’ll put a watch-now button up for that on Saturday morning.
  • We will be running a People’s Choice Award again. Not sure if we’ll have an impressive trophy or not
  • We will be doing in-person sales of all our merchandise. Cheaper if you buy in person because there’s no shipping! We won’t have a table set up (since we’ll be so busy delivering such an amazing quality live stream), but come and see us and we’ll be able to sort you out.

That’s all for now… If you’ve got any questions, ask on the live-chat (on the watch-now pages) or send an email to me at

Upcoming Live Streams

This is what Brassbanned has in store for you...

  • Melbourne Staff Band

    Melbourne Staff Band

    The Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band joins with the MSB Alumni Band to present a concert of Salvation Army brass band music. Guest conductor and compere for the evening is Maestro Bramwell Tovey, Music Director Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

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  • Australian Nationals

    Australian Nationals

    The biggest and best live stream of one of the world's largest brass band competitions! Brassbanned will bring you unprecedented coverage of the 2015 Australian National Band Championships - including exclusive interviews, premium live streaming and astonishingly witty commentary.

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  • NZ Nationals

    NZ Nationals

    Back by popular demand, Brassbanned will be heading to Rotorua to live stream the 2015 New Zealand Band Championships. We will be live streaming all of the action - including the street march - live and in HD.

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  • Victorian State Championships

    Victorian State Championships

    Hear the golden sounds from bands contesting the VBL's state championships. Last year we broadcast from a 4G connection, this year they've promised to install the NBN - especially for you, loyal viewers!

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  • British Open

    British Open

    What, wait - really? Well, maybe. We're in talks with the good people at the British Open and a number of other competitions, doing our best to stream them to you. Howard Taylor successfully took the might Brisbane Excelsior to the Open a few years ago - don't you wish you could have seen them streamed?

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