NZ 2014 Brass Band Live Stream Broadcast Schedule

Hi Loyal Viewers,

We are very pleased to announce the live streaming broadcast schedule for the upcoming New Zealand Brass Band Championships. As you may know, there are very strict rules around disclosing which bands are competing in which order… so at the moment, all I’ve put up is the start time for each of the sections. Once the draw is publicly disclosed, and programs circulated on the first day of competition, I will update the site with the order of bands as well as their own choice selections.

The live stream will begin just before the first brass band takes to the stage on Friday July 11, at 8:30am NZ time (GMT +12… I think). We will broadcast basically all day Friday (Test and Hymn), Saturday (Own Choice) and also the Sunday afternoon ‘Band of the Year’ entertainment contest. We are going to try our best to live stream the street march as well – that will depend upon internet connections and how smart we are on the day. Please cross your fingers for us…!

For a full list of when each brass band section starts, please check out the broadcast schedule page.

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D Grade Bands: NZ Nationals Live Stream

Loyal Viewers,

As you no doubt assumed, Brassbanned is delivering on the promise of further information and intrigue around the upcoming NZ Nationals Live Stream (which you will be able to watch right here, live in HD, on

After much googling of the internets (and helpful advice from the fantastic organising committee), I am able to announce all the bands competing at the contest. Brassbanned will be live streaming all events from the Civic Theatre. All bands across all grades will be performing in the Civic Theatre… so, this means that Brassbanned will be live broadcasting each and every band’s performance from the 2014 NZ Championships! We will also be doing our best to live stream the Parade of Bands. The Parade being broadcast will depend on the available internet connections, so we won’t know until the day before. I will keep you posted on this, though!

I’m also working on lining up a few interviews with key people. If there’s anyone in particular that you would like to hear from, please leave a comment with suggestions! I’m up for anything that doesn’t involve phone tapping…

So, for your reading pleasure here is a list of all the D Grade Bands competing at this year’s contest. From what I can see, there is a set ‘Sacred Item’, and no mention of a set test-piece. Loyal Viewers, I’m sure you’re all much smarter than me and know more about this than I do. Am I right in assuming that D Grade Bands need only prepare 1 set work (Sacred Item) and 2 own choice works? Let me know!

NZ Nationals Live Stream

D Grade Bands

Sacred Item: Amazing Grace arranged by William Himes

New Brighton Silver Band
Band Musical Director – Craig Williamson
Drum Major – Jim Hill

Rangiora Brass
Band Musical Director – Keeneth Love

Roxburgh Pioneer Generation Brass
Band Musical Director – Allan Brown

Sumner Silver Band
Band Musical Director – Shane Foster
Drum Major – Peter McCallum

Nelson City Brass Academy

Band Musical Director – Mick Dowrick

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Live Streaming New Zealand National Brass Band Competition

Hi Loyal Viewers – I hope you’re all doing really well

Have you been keeping up with the latest brass band happenings? Did you hear who won the European Championships? Did you hear that Box Hill band got moved up to A Grade? Does anyone know if the magnificent Townsville Band got re-graded as well? Did you wonder when someone will put together a World Championship – inviting bands from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the brass banding world to show their goods (hey – that’s a good idea…hmmm)? Did you wish you were able to be a band nerd and be cool all at the same time? Have you missed the sensational broadcasts from Brass Band? Well, don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok.

The stream-team at Brassbanned is very happy to announce they will officially be Live Streaming New Zealand Nationals – that’s right, a live stream of the 2014 New Zealand Brass Band Championship! You’ll be able to sit back at home in the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden – anywhere at all – and watch and listen to some of the world’s best bands compete for glory in NZ.


The competition runs July 9-13. We will be live streaming from the Civic Theatre (from sub-tropical Invercargill) over the Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday. We will be bringing you every band that plays in the hall. We will also see what’s possible in terms of live broadcasting the Parade of Bands. However, that will be a little tricky (even for us), so no promises.

Over the coming weeks I will get as much information as possible about all the competing bands, the various test pieces and everything else that I know you need to know. Keep an eye on the site and stay tuned for all the information about Brassbanned: Live Streaming New Zealand Nationals!

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Bright Autumn Festival

Hi Loyal Viewers

Did you catch the live broadcast that the stream-team from Brassbanned did today from Bright, in North Eastern Victoria? If not, you really missed out. Luckily, we are able to post an on-demand version for your viewing pleasure. Team Brassbanned travelled up to the picturesque town of Bright to broadcast the Parade from the 52nd Autumn Festival – featuring impressive floats, brass bands, school bands, and many of Bright’s local organisations and community groups

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Solo Results: Live Updates – Australian Nationals 2014


Click here to download the full results

BBb Bass – Low Tuba 1st Place Oscar King – Gunnedah Shire Band

Soprano Cornet 1st Place Jamie Brown – Brisbane Excelsior, 2nd Place Fendall Hill – South Brisbane Federal Band, 3rd Place Steven English – Warringah Concert Brass

Bb Cornet 1st Place Dominic Longhurst – St Mary’s District Band, 2nd Place Toby Pringle – Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Brass, 3rd Place Jamison Bulloch – Sunnybank Brass

Bb Trumpet 1st Place Jonathan Mui – Castle Hill RSL Youth Wind Orchestra, 2nd Place

Open Eupho 1st Place Bryce Fairweather – Holroyd. 2nd Place James Blackford – Brisbane Brass. 3rd Place Adam Bokaris – St Mary’s

French Horn 1st Place Cezanne Rossouw – Brisbane Brass

Junior Tenor Horn 1st Place Benj Porter – Gunnedah Shire Band

Junior Baritone 1st Place Amy Alker – Gunnedah Shire Band

Junior Euphonium 1st Place Bryce Fairweather – City of Holroyd Brass Band

Junior Tenor Trombone 1st Place Minami Takahashi – St Mary’s District Band

Junior Bass Trombone 1st Place Brady Foxley-Conolly – Sunshine Coast Youth Band

Junior Snare Drum 1st Place Nandini Kaushik – Warringah Concert Brass

Junior Mallet 1st Place Clarise Ooi

Junior Timpani 1st Place Nandini Kaushik – Warringah Concert Brass

Junior Multi-Percussion 1st PlaceĀ  Lachlan King – Gunnedah Shire Band

Open Mallet 1st Place Helen Parker – The Hills Music Academy

Open Multi-Percussion 1st Place Stuart Rynn – St Mary’s District Band

Open Timpani 1st Place Stuart Rynn – St Mary’s District Band

Open Side/Snare 1st Place Levi Whitworth – Unley Concert Band

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