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Junior A & B Concert Band Results: Australian Nationals 2014

I’m typing these in as they’re read out. I might make a type, but I’ll get the placings right. Check the NBCA / QBA Websites for the official results!

Junior B Grade

Hymn, Test, OC, Stage March, TOTAL, Placing

Brisbane SHS Concert Band:41, 160, 156, 37, 394, 3rd!

WestMAC Symphonic Band: 42, 166, 170, 38, 416, 2nd!

Killara HS Concert Band 1: 43, 170, 17, 46, 431, 1st!

Junior A Grade

Hymn, Test, OC, Stage March, TOTAL, Placing

Castle Hill RSL YWO: 47, 194, 180, 46, 467, 2nd!

Brisbane SHS Symphonic Band: 48, 190, 192, 48, 478, 1st!

Northern Youth Symphonic Band: 46, 180, 176, 44, 436, 3rd!

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Set up – Done! Australian Brass Band Nationals 2014

Hi Loyal Viewers,

Great news! Most of the live stream set up is completed in the main venue. You’re in for a treat of a live broadcast… I’ve got 3 cameras set up (and I might put another 2 up tomorrow if I feel motivated), as well as some lovely studio microphones, and a blisteringly fast internet connection.

I’ve also spent most of the day on my hands and knees gaffer taping cables across the auditorium… the ERPAC Theatre is a massive venue! A good 40m from the back of the hall at my control point to the front of stage – where I’ve placed a camera that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy…

The secondary venue – the McElligott Theatre – isn’t set up just yet… I didn’t get time today before the venues closed up. So, my plan is to head over tomorrow in between some of the junior concert bands to set up some microphones and a static camera shot. The McElligott Theatre is much smaller than the ERPAC Theatre… It’s a much more intimate setting where the audience can get up much more close and personal with the competing bands.

Things You Need to Know:

  1. There will be 2 concurrent live streams happening for the duration of the competition.
  2. The broadcast times have been published. I will update with the band orders tomorrow afternoon, once that information is in the public domain following program sales.
  3. You’ll have the best at-home viewing experience if you can plug your computer into your TV (probably via a HDMI cable). Most Apple computers have a thunderbolt -> HDMI adaptor, and PCs have all sorts of interesting connections. If you get stuck, try asking an intelligent relative
  4. The live feed will also be sent to TVs in the venues, so you can keep track of who is on stage as you check out the various trade displays
  5. Tomorrow I’ll be streaming junior concert bands from 8am… I haven’t had a chance to soundcheck my microphones with a full band, so please tune in to enjoy the music and give me critical feedback on microphone placement!

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Pre-Nationals Interview: Box Hill City Band

Loyal Viewers,

In another (not unexpected) first for Brassbanned, I’m pleased to let you know that we have once again trumped the ABC 7:30 Report. Later on tonight, they will be airing a story about Box Hill City Band – no doubt after hearing of the band’s 2012 interview with Brassbanned.

Well, in a little something we like to call the ‘Brassbanned 6:30 Report’ – we are pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with Michael Wells and John Kelly from Box Hill City Band. Michael, a new-comer to Australian banding talks about his move from the UK, the idea of a ‘Solo Baritone’, and the exciting new direction of the Box Hill Academy Brass – Box Hill’s brand new junior program.

John talks to us about the 2014 marking the bands’ 125th year – and their hopes for victory on the stage and on the street march.

Best of luck to everyone at Box Hill Band for the competition, Brassbanned (and no doubt all you Loyal Viewers) wish them all the best and hope they have a whole lot of fun in Brisbane!

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Pre-Nationals Interview: Geelong West Brass Band

Hi Again Loyal Viewers,

I caught up with Jeff Steele – Conductor of one of Australia’s finest B Grade Bands – the mighty Geelong West Brass Band. Jeff spoke with me about all-weekend rehearsals, the core band membership – and the fact that in these competitions it is really down to having a good day on the stage.

Geelong West were up in A grade over the past few years – after doing really well at both a National and State level before then. They did a tremendous amount of work, but as with most real, community based regional brass bands, they found it hard to find enough local players to really give A Grade a shake for an extended period of time. I think it’s a real feather in the cap of the entire band that they kept the same core playing group and progressed right up to A Grade!

I’ve had the pleasure of helping them with a few concerts and contests and can vouch for the fact they’re a great group of people. Jeff articulated what I think most bands secretly think before a contest… work as hard as you can then hope that you ‘wing it’ on the day and bring your best performance to the stage!

I hope you enjoy the interview – and good luck to Geelong West and all the B grade bands competing at the Nationals

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Pre-Nationals Interview: Kew Band Melbourne

Hi Loyal Viewers,

As promised, I’ve started to publish some of the interviews I’ve had a chance to make so far. Unfortunately I won’t have a chance to get around to all the bands – although I’m doing my best to speak with representatives of all the Victorian Bands. I’m driving up to Brisbane next Monday / Tuesday, so if anyone on the east coast feels like an interview, please send me an email to and we’ll try to set something up.

Also, please make sure you’re keeping an eye on the Brassbanned Facebook Page – I’ll be posting lots of updates there in the lead-up to and throughout the competition. I’ve even made a Facebook Event for the live broadcast – make sure you like the Page, Join the Event, and invite any and all of your friends and family who would enjoy watching the live broadcast.

I caught up with John Conway from Kew Band Melbourne last week – he agreed to a quick interview, and we talked about how the band is preparing, what their Own Choice work is, as well as the ambitious plans for a street march win!


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