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NZ Brass Band Champion of Champions

After much testing of internet connection and discussing of logistics, it is our pleasure to announce that we will definitely be live streaming the Champion of Champions event tonight at 7:30pm NZ time (5:30pm Melbourne time / 8:30am London time).

Be warned – we will be streaming with just our on-camera microphones… all of our high end audio gear is already set up and installed in the Civic Theatre for the Band events starting tomorrow morning. However, we hope you agree that seeing and hearing the Champion of Championships with average sound is far better than not seeing and hearing it at all!

We will be live in just under 2.5 hours at – click here to view!

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NZ 2014 Brass Band Champion of Champion Results

Thanks very much to all the performers who competed in this evening’s CoC… There were some sensational performances, and it was fabulous to be able to sit in the audience and watch live

3rd Place – Mitchell Spence – Tenor Horn

2nd Place – Rikki McDonnell – Eupho

1st Place – Trevor Bremner – Masters

Congratulations to Trevor – a very appreciative audience giving him a well deserved standing ovation

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Invercargill – Landed!

Hi Loyal Viewers,
Good news! The All-Star-Brassbanned-Stream-Team has arrived safe and sound in Invercargill. Even better, our gear has all arrived safe and sound as well. We are currently trying to beat the heat by keeping cool in our perfectly located motel.
Tomorrow, we’ll be heading to the Civic Theatre at about 9am to get everything set up, and check the internet connection. Keep your fingers crossed for us – if we managed to get on to a good internet connection, we will be able to broadcast to you in HD!
We will also be checking in with the local Vodafone shop to see if we can access the 4G network. If we can access 4G, we’ll do our best to bring you some mobile live streams, over and above what is listed on the current broadcast schedule page. I will keep the page updated throughout the day – but keep an eye out as we may live stream the Champion of Champions at 7:30pm NZ Time.

We have had a look at the schedule in the printed programs – logistically, we’re not sure if we will be able to live stream all the bands as well as the Street March. There are 5 B Grade bands playing from 11am, with the street march starting at 1pm. Apologies in advance if we miss part of the final B Grade band’s performance in preference for the street march… again, we’ll keep you very updated around all of this!

That’s all for now loyal viewers… Check back soon!

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NZ 2014 Brass Band Live Stream Broadcast Schedule

Hi Loyal Viewers,

We are very pleased to announce the live streaming broadcast schedule for the upcoming New Zealand Brass Band Championships. As you may know, there are very strict rules around disclosing which bands are competing in which order… so at the moment, all I’ve put up is the start time for each of the sections. Once the draw is publicly disclosed, and programs circulated on the first day of competition, I will update the site with the order of bands as well as their own choice selections.

The live stream will begin just before the first brass band takes to the stage on Friday July 11, at 8:30am NZ time (GMT +12… I think). We will broadcast basically all day Friday (Test and Hymn), Saturday (Own Choice) and also the Sunday afternoon ‘Band of the Year’ entertainment contest. We are going to try our best to live stream the street march as well – that will depend upon internet connections and how smart we are on the day. Please cross your fingers for us…!

For a full list of when each brass band section starts, please check out the broadcast schedule page.

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