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Ballarat: Ready to Go

Hi Loyal Viewers.

Good News! Team Brassbanned is all set up ready to stream the VBL State Band Championships, from Ballarat in regional Victoria. Yesterday we spent some time at the venue making sure cameras and microphones were in ideal locations – all for your continued viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately, there is no internet connection in the Theatre (but I think they will look at putting one in, if this stream goes well). That means, I’m using 4G to deliver the live stream to you all… But, luckily there is lots of good reception here!

Consequently, I won’t be streaming in HD as it requires more bandwidth and costs too much in mobile data. Don’t worry though – I’ll be streaming a very good quality standard definition broadcast with excellent audio.

If you think live streaming of the State Championships is a good idea, make sure you email the Royal South Street Society , to let them know. This competition is co-run by the RSSS and the VBL. So, if the RSSS think the stream goes well, they will hopefully look at getting a fixed internet connection into the Theatre for next year!

We will be live in a few hours – and I’ll be updating the broadcast schedule to list the order of bands that are playing.

Hope you enjoy!

Brassbanned live streaming brass bands from Ballarat!

Brassbanned live streaming brass bands from Ballarat!

PS – we have live text chat back for this contest…use it wisely or else!

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Live Streaming Victorian State Championships 2014

Hi Loyal Viewers!

We are very pleased to announce that Brassbanned will be live streaming the upcomcing VBL State Championships, from Ballarat. The contest is co-hosted with the Victorian Bands League and the Royal South Street Society… and will be held in the Her Majesty’s Theatre, in Ballarat, this weekend – August 16 & 17

We are very lucky that both the VBL and the Royal South Street Society are very progressive organisations, both passionate about extending the reach of musical goodness to people interstate and internationally… We are lucky to be involved with such forward thinking organisations!

Unfortunately, the internet connection in the Theatre isn’t ideal, but we’ll be doing our best and taking all our toys to make sure everything works as well as possible

I’ll also try to get around and do a few interviews with the competing bands, but no promises there!

Stay tuned for more updates as they come to hand….


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Day One: All Done!

Loyal Viewers,

We very much hope you all enjoyed the first day of band competition here at the New Zealand National Brass Band Championships, streamed live to you via the Stream Team from Brassbanned!

There were fantastic performances in all grades – and world class playing at the very top of the A Grade section.

The street march was also a fantastic event, the weather held out and our internet connection remained stable, allowing us to beam it live to you at home.

My personal pick for the top 3 in A Grade are with Dalewool, Woolston and Wellington (in no particular order). Luckily I’m not a professional adjudicator so I don’t have to decide anything more than I enjoyed those three performances the most!

Remember, if you’d like your next brass band event live streamed, all you need to do is get in touch with us and cover our travel costs. We would be delighted to bring our professional skills to your event to spread the joy of brass banding all over the world

Brassbanned will be back live tomorrow morning at 8:30am NZ Time (GMT + 12) – join us for the own choice selections…. You can find the details of who is playing what where when, here. .

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D Grade Results: NZ Brass Band Championship 2014

D Grade Results:

These are what I heard as they were read out – not the official results, but they’re probably right!

Hymn / Own Choice / March / Total

Roxburgh Pioneer Generation Brass: 72 124 120 316
Rangiora Brass: 75 128 126 329 First Place!
New Brighton Silver Band: 65 119 123 307
Sumner Silver Band: 62 121 117 300

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