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NSW Championships – What You Need To Know!

Hello Loyal Viewer,

I hope things are going well with you, wherever you are in the world!

Cross your fingers that the walls are thin enough to let some 4G inside...

Cross your fingers that the walls are thin enough to let some 4G inside…

Good News! All of the streaming gear has arrived safely in Penrith, as well as half of the Stream-Team. The other half of this weekend’s stream-team (Mr Stephen Semmler Farr) will be arriving on a Tiger flight (gulp) in a few hours. Please cross your fingers for him.

Tomorrow, we have a really challenging bump-in. Unfortunately, there are a few things that will make this weekend difficult for us (venue access and internet connectivity)- but we promise to do our very best for you, dear loyal viewer…

We will have access to the venue from 7:45am – which will give us about 75 minutes to work some minor and major miracles, setting up everything to live stream from one of the halls. We still don’t have a schedule for what bands play where when, but I’m still hopeful of receiving it tonight from the great volunteers at the NSW Bands Association. I’ve been told that one of the halls will be starting at 9am, and the other one starting at 12pm.
Unfortunately there is no available venue internet connection… which again will present some challenges! As we haven’t yet been inside the venue, we are not sure if the 3G and 4G signals will be strong enough to do a live stream from… we’ll find out tomorrow sometime around 8:15am. If the planets align and there is good reception within both Theatres, we will stream absolutely everything that happens over the weekend. If the reception is unworkable, we will scale back our operation and focus our energies on getting just one stream going… We will keep you posted on that as we go!

So, keep an eye out here for the Broadcast Schedule, as well as breaking news about the viability of mobile internet connections within the venue!

If you would like to start discussing who is playing what, who is playing well, and who your favourite band is, the chat is open for the live stream in both the Main Hall and the (accurately named) Other Hall.

Thanks for reading – looking forward to having you join us on the live streams today and tomorrow!

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Live Streaming NSW State Championships

Hi Loyal Viewer,

The Stream Team from Brassbanned is very excited to be off the NSW this weekend to cover the NSW State Band Championships. We’ve heard there are huge numbers of bands competing over 2 days of competitions… After hearing the fabulous standard at the recent Victorian Championships, it will be really interesting to hear how the NSW bands compare!

Once again, network connections aren’t quite what we would hope. We will most likely be running off 4G for the contest. There will be two concurrent venues running, and we will be doing our best to live stream everything from both!

If the available bandwidth doesn’t let that happen, we will focus all our mental efforts and bandwidth on streaming from just one venue…Keep checking back for updates as things progress! All going well, we should be set up and run some tests by 9am on Saturday. Then, we’ll update the Broadcast Schedule, and also let you know if we think we’ll be covering just one or two rooms.

Looking forward to having you join us for yet another amazing brass band live stream!

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VBL Concert Band Results 2014

Results as I heard them – not official, but probably right!

D Grade Concert

Haddon Concert Band: 44, 43, 79 = 166

Southern Area Training Band: 43, 42, 78 = 163

B Grade Concert

Southern Area Concert Band: 40, 40, 80 = 160

Congratulations to all the performers!

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