Australian National Band Competition: Brass Champion of Champions 2014

Kelly McGuiness – French Horn, Adagio and Allegro

Isabella Harvey – Tenor Horn, Masquerade

Jaime Brown – Soprano Cornet, Glorious Ventures

Dominic Longhurst – Bb Cornet, Endeavour

Chris Moran – Trumpet, Peskin Concerto

Heather Reid, Flugel Horn – Rhapsody

Stephen Booth – Baritone, Concerto for Flicorno Bassao

Minami Takahashi – Tenor Trombone, Piece by Guy Ropartz

David Williams – Bass Trombone, Ballade for Trombone

Bryce Fairweather – Euphonium, Proverbially

Ken Bradley – Eb Tuba, Concert Fantasy

Nishta Kaushils – BBb Tuba, Andante and Rondo

The winner is…..Isabella Harvey! Junior CoC goes to Minami Takahashi

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